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Door control is an integrated system that helps control the entry and exit of specific people to and from specific places at specific times, meaning that a person has the authority to enter a specific place and another person does not have that authority and at the same time this person's authority to enter is at specific times that can be controlled In them via the Software Operating System. And the process of controlling entry and exit is done either through fingerprint or magnetic cards, or even through the face print.

Metal detector systems

A metal detector is an electrical device that can determine the presence of minerals close to it. The metal detector is useful for finding objects containing minerals, or metal objects buried underground. The metal detector is often installed from a portable unit containing a sensor which can detect metals by scanning the ground or other objects. Where the sensor comes close to a piece of metal, the tone in the headphones will change, or a needle will move in the indicator. Often gives the device an indication of the distance or near the distance, where a stronger tone is sounded in the headphones when the distance of the metal object is close to the metal detector

Control Camera

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Intrusion alarm

Secure your home, villa, factory, office or company against theft forever, by installing anti-theft alarms, you are immunizing every place you own against theft, the anti-theft alarms are the latest warning technology to prevent anyone from breaking into the place suddenly, the device secures all entrances The location of windows and doors is completely and permanently, so that when trying to open any door or window without entering the security word for the alarm device, it launches a very high gate, and it is possible to install more than one gate in more than one place until alerting those trying to storm, as a device Warning to send text messages to many insomnia M mobile of your choice to alert trying to break into the place.

Fire Alarm System - Fire fighting

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Nurse Call

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Internal switches are one of the most important ways to communicate internally between individuals within companies, institutions, factories, hotels, villages, villas ..... etc. One of the most famous brands that manufacture the latest cable devices is the Japanese brand Panasonic The capacities of the switches vary depending on the customer’s desire for the amount of external and internal lines, as well as the capabilities and functions, according to the customer’s need

Intercom systems

Intercom is the means of communication between residents from inside apartments and visitors It is divided into two types (audio and video), and the systems are individual, marital or group based on the number of apartments Among the latest brands that the company operates (Korean Commax, Korean Samsung, Italian Farfisa, Italian Urmette)


Central satellite receiving systems The company is a distributor for many international brands such as (Danish Triax, Spanish FTE, German WISI ....... etc.)

Conference systems

The company designs and executes audio and video conferencing systems using the most global agencies such as RCF - InterM - Bouear - Panasonic

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